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Car Park Signs

Car Park Signs

There is a vast amount of information people need to be given when entering your car park so it’s important that your signage is clear and visible and that it is made from high-quality materials.

From the very first Entrance Sign through to your Tariff Signs you want to make sure the message of each sign is clear, so your car park users are not left guessing. Our design team can help you navigate the complexities of organising your content and conforming to BPA guidelines.

Our car park signage is mostly made from aluminium composite but we also have a range of other materials available to suit various use cases.

What signs are most used in car parks?

Entrance Signs

BPA compliant Entrance signs help users quickly see the restrictions in your car park site as they enter.

Tariff Signs

Make sure your car park users know how much they need to pay with clear and visible tariff signage.

Terms and Condition Signs

Let your car parking users know about specific terms of use at your car parks location.

No Parking Signs

Got an area with restricted or no parking allowed? Let users know with specific No Parking signs.

Pay By Phone Signs

If your site is equipped to handle payment via mobile apps or website you can clearly display the location code and instructions with Pay By Phone signs.

Blue Badge Signs

If you have dedicated spaces in your car park for blue badge holders, make sure they are saved for the people who genuinely need them with blue badge parking signs.

Parent and Child Signs

Mark out the area you’d like to reserve for people with young children with our dedicated parent and child signs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Signs

People without EVs parking in EV only spaces can take revenue away from you. Keep these bays free for charging EVs with Electric Vehicle Charging signs.

Directional Signs

Do you have multiple locations or a complex layout. Help your users avoid confusion with directional signs.

Height Restriction Signs

Pre-warning drivers of larger vehicles about height or width restrictions is a great way to avoid damage to vehicles and your site.

Permit Signs

Permit holders rely on their parking space being their when they need it. Keep your permit only bays clearly marked with our permit signs.

Strut Signs

Strut signs are a great way to remind car park users how and when to pay for there parking if you have a reception or display area near your car park.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs can be useful even inside your car park to keep drivers aware of road features and hazards.

Instructional Signs

Help users navigate your car park’s restrictions and payment machines by clearly explaining how everything works.

How are the signs made?


All car park signs are printed on a flat bed printer on oversized sheets. They can be sometime printed alongside signs from the same customer order or combined with various other signs.


The printed sheet is then moved onto a separate CNC cutting machine that cuts all the signs perfectly to the correct size and shape.


Once the sign panels are complete, any accessories that are required are added. These could range from sign channel attached to the reverse, post clips, notice boards or display products. View a full list of our sign accessories.


After the completed order is ready the packing department will carefully pack and dispatch your order.

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